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Guild Charter

[i]LostSoulz WoW Guild Charter

Guild Objectives
Lost Soulz is a casual, fun, friendly guild interested in a good time while advancing through the game. We will never institute a required-raid-attendance rule. This is not a hard-core raiding guild, but we do offer the opportunity to interested parties. Though with changes in the game, There will be some groups more focused on progression and achievments. These groups will have stricter guidlines on goals and as such will have higher standards for participation in said groups.

Integrity must be upheld by all members. This charter stands for furthering the enjoyment of the game for all of those that wish to be in LostSoulz. This is a guide in establishing and sustaining LostSoulz through circumstances forseen and unforseen. The rules and regulations set forth in this charter must be followed, but are not set in stone, and can and will be adjusted as needed for the betterment of the guild.

LostSoulz expects and wants our membership to offer their opinions and suggestions of improvements for the charter, activities, and guild as a whole. The guild leadership will do what they believe is in the best interest of the guild.

Revisions of this charter can only be made by a vote of the guild leadership. This process can be initiated one of two ways:
1) by the leadership proposing an amendment to the members for their feedback
2) a member bringing a petition to the leadership.
3) a proposition set for by the officers to be discussed and added, to address a situation or issue as it arises.

Guild Leadership
The Guild Leadership as a whole works as a team. Decisions for the guild are proposed to all Guild Leaders before rules are implemented. All Officers including the Guild Commander have equal say. It is understood that differences of opinion are inevitable, but dissenting members of the Leadership agree to �disagree and commit� to the decisions of the majority. (i.e. Although 1 Officer�s opinion differs from the others, he agrees to commit to the final decision and join in promoting the decision made.)

Due to the fact that there is another new expansion on the horizon in combination with our rapid expansion of our guild community, the guild leadership has determined it necessary to re-adjust our guild rank structure. The purpose of this restructuring is to clearly define all of the administrative roles held within the guild so all of our members, both new and old, will know who to contact to discuss any and all things that may arise as you spend time in the land of Azeroth. Some of the ranks I will list will state who currently holds that position. Of course it would be too cumbersome and just silly of me to try to do that for every guild member so I will try to stick to the ones I feel like everyone needs to become familiar with. When changes are made to who holds positions within the guild I will try to adjust this post as needed.

Guild Commander: (aka: Seriphemn) Responsible for providing visionary leadership and direction for the LostSoulz community. He has overall responsibility for all Guild activities. When decisions cannot be made at lower levels of the administrative hierarchy, the Guild Commander will be the deciding factor.

2nd in Command Justicar) (aka vanillalatte) Responsible for monitoring and handling Code of Conduct issues that may arise. This rank and the Guild Commander are the only people who have the authority to Exile or /gkick members. We are also responsible for dealing with all issues that seem to be affecting a significant portion of the Guild.

Guild Administrator Zealot) This is a rank created to outline specific Guild Administrative responsibilities. People may be added or deleted from this rank as the structure of the Guild and the necessity of certain responsibilities changes. If the Guild commander determines an administrative function is no longer required then he will advise the individual holding that position and offer them an alternative. The following details current administrative responsibilities held within the Guild.

Recruiting Administrator (Vanillalatte): Responsible for reviewing all guild applications, opening and closing classes that we are accepting applications for (under advisement of other officers), contacting potential guildies in game to â??feel them out,â?? inviting when appropriate, noting in officer notes the date they were invited, and promoting Initiates to Members when needed.

Guild Vault Administrator (aka ): Responsible for all dealings with the Guild bank. He will determine when items in the Guild bank need to be auctioned. Then he will auction them and place any gold earned back in the Guild bank. He is also the contact point for Guild members to request items from the Guild bank. If you need something please submit an in game email to Arg stating the item requested and what it will be used for. Anybody caught requesting items from the Guild bank and then selling/auctioning them will be referred to a 2nd in Command.

Raiding Administrator (aka Seriphemn): Responsible for determining overall direction of Raid progression for the Guild. This will include schedules and times for all Guild sponsored raids. Once it is determined that a raid is needed and the time has been set she will assign a Raid Leader to conduct the raid. She has overall authority over all Raid leaders. She also will determine, in conjunction with Raid Leaders , the criteria set forth for members to apply for obtaining spots for raiding. Any issues that arise in a specific raid that need to be revisited after the conclusion of a raid should be forwarded to Skyanna for consideration.

Raid Leader (aka Seriphemn): Responsible for running whatever raid assigned by the Raid Administrator. Will handle all aspects of the raid to include posting on the website of sign-ups, approving members for raid invites, consistently following guild established loot rules, making sure the raid happens on a weekly basis. Raid Leaders will be allowed to select co-leaders where appropriate. Co-leaders can be people of any rank that would like to participate in raid administration. Those who volunteer for co-leader positions will receive future considerations for Raid Leader positions that may become available. If you have interest in this position please let the Raid Administrator know.

Templar: These folks will serve as a resource to our guild community for questions about a class or spec. Veterans are considered subject matter experts and can help members with things like gear, gems, enchants, inscriptions, talents, rotations, and general play style. They are also made up of those that have shown a consistent, and continual time of play. They will also be asked to help determine what the base level requirements are for gear and stats to obtain a spot for raiding for their assigned class. They will also provide evaluations on player abilities to aid in determining who is ready for raiding

Member(crusader): Rank for those who have shown they have the characteristics necessary to represent LostSoulz and to function well in our community. Members who have not logged in for 6 months (without notifying an officer first about being gone for an extended period of time) will be gkicked for inactivity.

Initiate(squire): Rank assigned to new invites for a probationary period of two weeks until it can be determined weather or not they meet the our standards for becoming a full blown member of LostSoulz. Initiates who have not logged on for the probationary period of two weeks will be gkicked.

Infidel: Rank used when any member of our community has behaved in a way that is in violation of our Code of Conduct or detrimental to the functioning of the guild or itâ??s members. This is a temporary position to be held with a clear end date that will be provided to any who are placed within this rank. All those who hold this rank cannot see Guild chat and are not allowed to participate in any Guild sponsored activities. When someone has completed their time within this rank they will automatically be reset to the rank of member no matter what their rank was before. Due to issues of security those gone for an extended period of time will be moved here as well.

Recruiting procedure - This process is to protect us from getting extremely large too fast, providing LostSoulz time to get to know everyone, while maintaining the non-elitist attitude that LostSoulz strives to achieve.

To be considered for admission to the guild, a Recruit must apply to the guild via our online application. The recruit is given a ranking of Initiate for a few weeks. After the initial period is up, the Officers will decide if the recruit should be promoted to Member or above and thereby obtaining full Member status or let go. Only when you become a Member are you officially in the guild.

Before you consider this to be strenuous, consider that in this type of game you cannot just let anyone in at anytime and see how things turn out. That is an eventual recipe for disaster. We would like to build a very strong core of members who will know each other for the duration of LostSoulz and are very willing to bring more people in, but in such a way that the group will stay strong.

Code of Conduct (CoC)
This is to be a general outline of how Lost Soulz members are expected to conduct themselves while a member of this guild. Leaders of the guild have the authority to enforce the CoC in all cases if an individual is thought to be going �too far over the line� or behaves in such a way as to bring discredit to the guild. All members and recruits must conduct themselves in an honorable fashion at all times; this includes all alternate characters. Honesty, integrity and maturity in dealing with others is expected of every guild member at all times, especially when dealing with fellow guild members.

1. No member will be excluded from grouping based solely on personal opinion. Lost Soulz is a family, and we believe in no sibling left out. treat others how u would like to be treated.

2. Members are expected to be helpful and work towards common goals with fellow members. Any actions to the contrary are destructive to the guild�s purpose.

3. Flaming in the forums, guild/raid/party chat etc..., or on Teamspeak/Vent is not allowed. Our Guild Chat is rated PG. The reason for this is that we have many youngsters in the guild, some of us have our kids in the guild. We dont need them logging on and reading about sex, drugs, etc. or extreme foul language. Now when its late at night and there's no kids on, sure we can let loose a little. Use your head and think before you speak.

4. Act courteous and respectful in public to keep from bringing dishonor to the guild. Do not speak in public about internal guild issues.

5. Guild quitting is not an action to be taken lightly. Lost Soulz members need to know that everybody can be counted on, but quitting the guild is obviously an action that raises doubts regarding loyalty. It is understood that rash decisions are sometimes made so (usually) all members will be allowed one re-entry into the guild on a /gquit. After a second /gquit, there will need to be a general vote that passes the leadership (simply because a membership vote would be cumbersome) to readmit the member. There may be exceptions to this rule dealt with on a case-by-case basis.

6. Usage of in-game exploits is not allowed.

7. Lost Soulz will strive to be a cut above. We will strive to always act honorably and will not lower ourselves to those seeking humiliation of others. One of Lost Soulz�s goals is to be a positive example.

8. Members are expected to be open to hearing other�s opinions. �Understanding� and �agreeing� are different things, and people cannot be flamed for having different ideas.

9. Members will be expected to maturely tolerate other members they do not get along with. All MMORPG�s mix real life with gaming - we�re playing with real people and members will be expected to deal with conflicting personalities maturely. Personalities that consistently interfere with Lost Soulz as a whole will be handled on a case-by-case basis.

10. Any violations of the CoC, or actions that may be found to bring discredit upon the guild will be subject to disciplinary action by LostSoulz Leadership

11. LostSoulz is not a feeder guild. Our people are not here to help �parasites� progress and get gear just so said leech can immediately leave for their friend�s guild or a high-end raiding guild. We expect Lost Soulz members to be dedicated to progressing LostSoulz.

12. Those who, in the eyes of the guild leadership, behave in a manner that appears to be for the purpose of intentionally causing strife for a member or the guild as a whole will be considered to be in violation of the code of conduct and susceptible to disciplinary action.

13. Disciplinary Actions: Anyone breaking a rule will be consulted by an officer. You may be warned, exiled (meaning you cannot type in guild chat at all, or participate in guild activities including raiding), or g/kicked. As far as raiding or grouping with the guild goes, if u leave a party or raid because u are mad, u will be suspended from raiding/guild activities. We need team members who will stick thru to the end. not bail out on people when they get angry for whatever reason.

14. Leaving a Raid after invites have been accepted is not something to be taken lightly, Not everyone will get along, but common respect of guildies and guests is what we expect. If you leave the group expect that you will not be approved for the following raiding period. Future times will result in a longer period as determined by the officers.

15. All guild members are encouraged to contact a 2nd in Command whenever they feel a Code of Conduct violation has occurred. The Guild Leadership will handle all COC concerns as it sees fit for the betterment of the guild . If a member attempts to "strong arm" the guild leadership into disciplining a guild member by saying "if you don't do something to them I will g/quit" they will automatically be removed from the Lost Soulz membership. The guild leadership has a zero tolerance policy when it comes too "strong arming" or ultimatums from it's members.

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