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Iron Juggernaut fight

Iron Juggernaut fight
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ok after watching the video of iron juggernaut again, i see a few things that i think we could improve on. they tank him in the area we use to get ready to start the raid. the tanks tank him on the fence toward orgrimmar while the dps is spread out behind him toward but not against the fence nearest the entrance. they never move the boss during the whole fight. during phase 1 the off tank runs behind the boss where the dps is and gets the bombs while the other tank is tanking the boss, when the boss tank gets his 3 stacks they taunt off and switch places and that tank will start getting the bombs while the new boss tank will continue to tank him in the same spot that the other tank tanked him before. he is tanked in the same spot the whole fight. there is always only one tank in front of the boss during the entire fight (boss tank). the bombs will do 300K damage each to the entire raid so you want no more then one bomb going off, so at least two bombs will have to be taken out before they blow. if not and all 3 blow its a 900K raid wide damage to each player. during phase 2 the dps stays spread out at least 6 yards from each other. this is because of the a spike damage he does during this phase. he will target one player and do a spike damage to them if anyone is within 6 yards of the player with spike damage they will take a massive splash damage. while in phase 2 both tanks gets the bombs because they are no longer tanking at this point. In the video they say try to avoid to be blown back but is not that big of a deal because the boss is stationary and not focused on anyone player at that time. if you get blown back, run back. easy peasy. They say to try to avoid the borer drills if at all possible, and the tar really doesnt do much damage and you can probably be healed threw the tar, but the lazer has to be kitted away from the tar and other player, the lazer will ignite the tar that will cause a raid wide damage and if it hits a players it does like 250K damnage to them. ok so i am not sure of the make up of this raid group we are watching, they say you need 2 tanks and at least 2 or 3 healers and a mix of dps. but i think everyone should watch this video again and see what you can spot to maybe help us figure this fight out. this boss is pissing me off.
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Well put.


I can do all

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