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WoD raiding and availability

WoD raiding and availability
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1654 days ago Rating: 0 | #1

With 6.0 and WoD fast approaching there is a need again to voice plans for next set of Raiding. So with that Being stated Plz add to post so It is known.

1654 days ago Rating: 0 | #2

Pally of course Holy/tankadin

1654 days ago Edited 1652 days ago Rating: 0 | #3

<- Druid (main)
MS Guardian
OS Kitty (maybe in the future heals)

MS Resto
OS Elemental

Every night unless a RL situation pops up


1654 days ago Rating: 0 | #4

Rogue first


1654 days ago Rating: 0 | #5

same as always

Main raid toons:

Kharn - Draeni Shaman = Restro / Elemental
FumanChew - Pandarian Monk = Brewmaster / Windwalker
Woodrough (Pronounced wood-ruff not wood-row) Human Hunter = Beast mastery / markmanship

non-raiding 90's

Kharnavor - Draeni Deathknight = blood/frost
Slymenstra - Night Elf Druid = restoration/balance
Beelzababs - Gnome Warlock = Destruction/demonology
Pandterra - Pandarian Mage = Frost/arcane

up and coming non-90's

Malagig - Human Paladin = Protection / holy
Karnage - Worgen rouge = assassination / Combat
Pennycillin - gnome preist = Discipline / shadow

non-critical roles:

Bank toon - Human Warrior = timeless token & heirloom holder
1654 days ago Rating: 0 | #6

Bamangel of course


1653 days ago Rating: 0 | #7

Gonna level Chicknpotpie first for the versatility, Boomy/Heal/Tank. After that. Well you know me. I will try to have all my toons raid ready withing a month of leveling to 100.


1652 days ago Edited 1651 days ago Rating: 0 | #8

(Main) Otrebla (rogue) - Assassin / Off-Off-Tank 8 seconds of invincibility

(Alt) Ethica (Shaman) - Resto (If we're in need of heals)
(Alt) Ellephant (Warrior) - Tank (Big If. I don't mind leveling one over the other, if there's going to be a need for it.)

I'm going to focus on my rogue first. I don't know how quickly I can get to raid ready. I'll be on vacation the week of release. I'm assuming we'll be discussing a time schedule of when we hope to start raiding.

#Availabilty Sun/Mon
1651 days ago Edited 1588 days ago Rating: 0 | #9

okay I have aajaay ret pally and brigitine dps monk available all the time c'yas
well monk has passed the trial.
1651 days ago Rating: 0 | #10

marassar and starrcross heals


1651 days ago Rating: 0 | #11

Going to try and play a hunter again...main spec deeps... well only spec...

Alt will be priest again, holy or bust lol


1627 days ago Rating: 0 | #12

New member here just adding my toons to this thread.
Tyityi 90 windwalker/brewmaster monk
Meíyonaise 90 prot warrior
Tyirenzorz 90 resto shammie

Available on Fridays any time after 2pm, Saturdays all day. Could do Sundays but its dodgy at best, due to my crappy work schedule.
1615 days ago Rating: 0 | #13



MS: Protection
OS: Fury 1 Handers

Level 100
IL 621

Almost raid ready
1614 days ago Rating: 0 | #14

Quote by seriphemn
With 6.0 and WoD fast approaching there is a need again to voice plans for next set of Raiding. So with that Being stated Plz add to post so It is known.

Aleriush (main): main- BM secondard- marksman (-_-)

Rumavia: (second) (Healy tree) secondary speec will be kitty


1614 days ago Rating: 0 | #15

Uriel - Main Shadow Priest

Shockalot - Second Resto Shaman(possibly dual spec elemental)


1614 days ago Rating: 0 | #16

would like to start raiding again but I am a little rusty been away from the game for a while. working on getting geared up again currently

destruction warlock
1607 days ago Rating: 0 | #17

I'd like to continue raiding in WOD.
Main is BM Hunter.
Going to level my free 90 Alt eventually, but not right away.
Can't commit to a solid availability schedule - family comes first

Talrathan is currently almost lvl 97 and doesn't have 615 ilevel yet, so will be another week at least before I can start.
1602 days ago Edited 1602 days ago Rating: 0 | #18

Hello everyone.

Can't commit to every week, work and family comes first but if I am on Zooss - Marksman Hunter is already at 636 ilevel and I know how to not stand in stuff on the ground. Would be happy to raid with you all again at some point.
1600 days ago Rating: 0 | #19

Varthean -- Heals

Availability -- Every night
1594 days ago Edited 1594 days ago Rating: 0 | #20

Mulestuffa huntard marksman

open availability

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