6.0.2 ...... Gear changes, READ THIS
6.0.2 ...... Gear changes, READ THIS
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Things to know...

One small sample:
Quote by Mr.Robot
•Stat squish: all of your stats have been ‘squished’ in the patch.
•Reforging is gone. All gear returns to its pre-reforged state.
•Hit and Expertise are gone
•Dodge and parry aren’t really ‘good’ anymore. Crit now gives some classes and specs parry (like with Riposte for Warriors, which now makes crit give you parry)
•Agility and Intellect no longer give Critical Strike
•Profession bonuses to combat no longer give bonuses. For example JC gems now give the same amount of stats as a regular gem.
•Gear upgraded with Valor stays upgraded. You can still upgrade MoP gear, but you use 50 lesser charms per upgrade instead of Valor.
•New level 550 gear from the updated level 90 Upper Blackrock Spire!

Armory links:
Aerotika -Elemental
Crymsin -Arms, Prot
Deathdoll -Unholy(legion), Blood
Exstaci -Beast Mastery
Kurare -Outlaw (Combat)
Lycana -"Boomkin", Bear
Pangasm - Windwalker
Tempyst -Frost
Vexxenn -Demonology

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