Misophonia (Noise problem)
Misophonia (Noise problem)
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Seri knows of my Misophonia but since I am new to most of you, I wanted to share a little bit of how it works. Misophonia is defined as the hatred of sound. Every day sounds that most people don't notice, are heard and is amplified to my brain. My brain then processes the noise(s) as an attack. So I go into what's called a "flight or fight" mode. For example...someone eating with their mouth open may just be annoying to the average person, but to me, if it lasts longer than 10-20 seconds, I get panicky and if there are too many sounds at once, they cause a panic attack. There is no cure. Lots of people have no idea what it is including the medical community. This is not something that is just in my head. It's not made up. It is a very real, and very debilitating neurological condition. I live alone for that reason. I don't socialize outside of my home and I only really hop on vent for raids. I like my environment controlled to where I don't have to worry about being triggered.

With all that being said, if I snap at you or if i'm all of a sudden really quiet, it's because of that. I may have to mute people because of things if i'm having a really rough day. Please don't take offense. I don't expect anyone to do anything about it or change the way they do things just because of my issue. It is something I alone have to deal with. I have techniques that I use (brown noise and soft music) to cancel out the noises I hear.

Examples of my trigger noises are: chewing, crunching, eating, plastic wrappers, coughing, throat clearing, talking with their mouth full, multiple people talking at one time, paper turning, pen clicking, keyboard typing, key clicks, mouse clicks, whispering, whistling and anything repetitive. This condition gets worse over time. In the 10 years or so i've had this, new triggers have formed. I have also started having visual and touch triggers as well.

Here is a link to a short video that describes it pretty well.

Thanks for reading,


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Hey Kelly, nice to have you back in the guild. I hadn't known about this disorder. I hope we don't become too much of a trigger, to the point you can't enjoy the game. Although, I will tell you that hunters, tend to be the biggest, flagrant triggers on Vent. So auto-mute Cynisper, Sinsternight, Grayymane, Rumavia, and just to be safe, Arg as well.

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