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Cyber Monday Blitz

Cyber Monday Blitz
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1302 days ago Edited 1302 days ago Rating: 0 | #1

Continuing off from last night...what is everyone buying today?
Seri, said he was waiting for today to do his shopping. But what are you buying and for who?
Is there something I should pick up, because it's a great deal? I'm looking around, but nothing is catching my eye. Then again, I'm looking for a 4 and almost 2 year old girl and a wife.
I know what I'm waiting on, and I'm just holding out until the price is right. A 960 FTW to upgrade from my 750ti, which is still good, but I saw the 960 drop to $185 new and I didn't buy it. I can wait for it to drop again, even if it means a few months down the road.
1302 days ago Rating: 0 | #2

abuy swing for you and wife, minnion bundle and talking minnions for girls

1301 days ago Rating: 0 | #3

The girls aren't crazy over the minions. Elle, the oldest, likes Peppa Pig, so we got her the Play House. That's getting hard to find this year. She'll probably get Play-Doh as well. What kid doesn't like that. Someone gave her Shopkins for her birthday and she wants those. But they just seem like a waste of money. So, I will not indulge her with that. I don't think she's ready for video gaming, she does well on tablets, but no WiiU this year. (Yes, it'll be a gift for me too!)
Anna's getting some Disney plush dolls. She loves Minnie and Goofy, she always grabs them off the shelves when we're out at the stores. And she loves Daniel Tiger. Then there's always clothes and whatnot. But what kid is asking for clothes?
I know now that I'm older, I look forward to clothes: socks, underwear, undershirts. That makes me happy. I just might be too old or something...
I just ask Crystal what I should get her, but I always like to sneak something else in. She was asking for a Fitbit, but her mom just bought it for her last month.
All I see for these sales are TVs and other appliances. We don't need any more TVs. Am I overlooking something cool? I look around on websites, but nothing is popping out of the screen at me.
1301 days ago Rating: 0 | #4

get her a spa day full treatment. mani pedi massage etc. save happy ending for you though. lol

1301 days ago Rating: 0 | #5

That's a great idea Seri! Hahaha, happy endings for all!
1300 days ago Rating: 0 | #6

glad to help

1299 days ago Rating: 0 | #7

O you can also add with that spa day and join her... heck I think even you'd like the massage, not to mention it'd give you and your wife some alone time.
I think you kinda nailed it for Anna. As for Elle, nothing comes to mind yet, but if she's 4, maybe something fun that stimulates her for learning maybe...


1298 days ago Rating: 0 | #8

I'd probably get too comfortable and fart. Thus ending the relaxing getaway!

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