What cabin date is best for YOU?!!
What cabin date is best for YOU?!!
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What date is best for you?
Expired! Voting Disabled
0/2 (0.0%) Friday, May 6th-Sunday, May 8th
0/2 (0.0%) Friday, May 14th-Sunday, May 15th
0/2 (0.0%) Friday, July 1st-Sunday, July 3rd
0/2 (0.0%) Friday, July 8th-Sunday, July 10th
1/2 (50.0%) Friday, August 12th-Sunday, August 14th
1/2 (50.0%) Friday, August 19th-Sunday, August 21st

Ok people. We need to know what long weekend would be best. The weekend with the most people wins! Also, if you have a date in mind, make a comment.

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947 days ago Edited 947 days ago Rating: 0 | #2

I will need to know what date is best for most people so I can figure out when and how I go there....

although the end of the summer is best for me...


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