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(Know Your Guildies) KYG #1 - Music is me

(Know Your Guildies) KYG #1 - Music is me
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811 days ago Edited 796 days ago Rating: 0 | #1

First in a series of forum trolling on my part, entirely for shits, giggles, and other indiscreet harassment of your fellow guildies. All this because I care.

Episode 1- Music is me
List, in any order, your top 5 'life influencing' albums that you still actively play.

Old folks and their cassettes/CDs may find this easier. Damn youngins and their whizbang mp3 players please use your best educated guesses.
  1. Linkin Park- Hybrid Theory
  2. Rob Zombie- Hellbilly Deluxe
  3. Faith No More- The Real Thing
  4. Death Angel- Act III
  5. Queen of the Damned- movie soundtrack
Makes you think don't it?

Armory links:
Aerotika -Elemental
Crymsin -Arms, Prot
Deathdoll -Unholy(legion), Blood
Exstaci -Beast Mastery
Kurare -Outlaw (Combat)
Lycana -"Boomkin", Bear
Pangasm - Windwalker
Tempyst -Frost
Vexxenn -Demonology
810 days ago Rating: 0 | #2

1. Chevelle "Wonder Whats Next"
2. Slipknot "Iowa"
3. 10 Years "Autumn Effect"
4. Linkin Park "Hybrid Theory"
5. Static-X "Wisconsin Death Trip"
809 days ago Rating: 0 | #3

1. Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill
2. Pink Floyd - The Wall
3. Pink Floyd - Division Bell
4. Metallica - Metallica
5. The Beatles - Help!

I don't heal stupid
806 days ago Rating: 0 | #4

Good posts everyone! I want to play too...

1. Chemical Brothers "Further"
2. Above & Beyond "Tri-State"
3. Terra Ferma "The Adventures Of..."
4. Kings of Tomorrow "It's In The Lifestyle"
5. Abba "Gold" <-- You can't deny their infectious pop sound!

With the invention of CD Burners, I've burned my own music, so I don't put full albums in the CD changer in my car as much. These listed albums have stayed more or less in constant rotation for the last 5 years or so. Also, I just usually open the media player, itunes, or amazon music and hit shuffle at work. Too many albums to list.

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